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Comfort Roll - Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Comfort Roll - Memory Foam Neck Pillow
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Comfort Roll - Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Extremely Versatile for Proper Ergonomic Positioning:

Memory Foam Comfort & Luxury

Aids in relieving muscle tension and pain

Helps maintain proper spinal curve

Supports your neck or low back while reclining in a chair

Place between your thighs for hip/leg alignment while side sleeping

Perfect for Home, Auto or Travel

A great pillow for patient home health care, adding comfort to the chest area following surgery

For Ultimate Comfort and Support this special memory foam molds itself to the body's shape, allowing distribution of pressure while dissipating body heat.

Attention Health Care Professionals: This comfy memory foam pillow is the perfect size for use on your treatment table while your patient is in the prone position, adding extra comfort to the sternum and chest area of the patient.

The memory foam Comfort Roll Pillow is constructed of high quality, visco-elastic memory foam.

Cover made of a soft cotton/polyester removable, washable fabric. (5"x16")