Prenatal Wedge Support Pillow - Relieves Back Stress & Pain - FREE Shipping!

Pregnancy Wedge Support Pillow
Pregnancy Wedge Support Pillow
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Pregnancy Wedge Support Pillow

During pregnancy, mom's to be, should avoid sleeping on their back; as this can lead to backaches, as well as problems with breathing, the digestive system, low blood pressure, and a decrease in circulation.

The Prenatal Support Pillow supports the abdomen while in the side lying position, relieving back and abdominal stress and fatigue. The "eggcrate" foam top aids in circulation while adding extra comfort for a more restful nights sleep for the "Mother-To-Be".

Use this versatile wedge after baby’s arrival, for extra support and comfort for mom and baby while nursing.

Covered with a removable, washable, 100% soft cotton flannel cover. Color: Natural Beige(12x12x4")

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