Memory Foam Contour Support Travel Pillow

Memory Foam Travel Size Pillow
Memory Foam Travel Size Pillow
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Memory Foam Travel Size Pillow

This "Travel" memory foam pillow is the same luxurious pillow as our Sleepeasy Premier standard. Cut to half the width for a convenient travel companion.

This Premier memory foam molds itself to the body's shape, allowing distribution of pressure while dissipating body heat.

The two elevated sides, 3.5" and 4.5" offer proper ergonomic support while in any sleeping position allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax.

Using an ergonomic support pillow will help keep your neck in proper alignment and can help you quickly decrease or eliminate your neck pain.

The Perfect Travel Companion, just roll into a small tube like shape and tuck away for easy travel.

Made from a high quality visco elastic memory foam. Cover made of a soft 100% cotton, zippered, removable, washable off-white fabric (14x8.5 )